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Modern Illustration, Logo & Icons

A huge part of Twitch branding is your appearance and that’s the avatar illustration, logo and icons. These are the first thing that viewers will see of your Twitch channel. They will all tell your story. What story does yours tell?

Twitch Branding

Your journey, community and who you are should all be reflected in your brand. Together we go over all the aspects of your Twitch channel to get you the best possible Twitch branding and to set you up for your future.

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The struggle is hard, but you can break the noise. I’m here to help you break that noise and to allow you to grow at the speed that you deserve. I offer this on my Twitch channel when I’m live. You can book yourself a time here.

Recent Projects

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Dropped Frames Twitch Branding

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Total 360° Service

I work full-time with Twitch streamers of all sizes.

360° Service

I work full-time with everything Twitch. That means 100% dedication to every project and a professional service that no one yet have replicated.

I’m not off doing random things not related to Twitch. Everyday and all day I’m watching streams, writing about Twitch, working with streamers and when I’m not doing those things I’m thinking about Twitch. My projects are all Twitch related in some way and will remain as such.

With over 5 years experience with both partnered and unpartnered Twitch streamers and over 10 years in print/digital and digital marketing you can trust that I can deliver, not only what you want but also what you need. I act as a Art Director or Creative Director to bring your vision to life.

We will work together to get to the right path and the right goal. Together we will figure out what’s right for you and the optimal way to get there.

Already have a Twitch brand?

I’m more than able to work with brands that are already in place. From extending it, updating it or create dynamic overlays or animated Twitch alerts with it in mind. No matter if you’re a small streamer or a big streamer we can work together for the benefit of you and your community.


(but not limited to):

 Avatar, mascot, logo, illustration (modern illustration styles).
In-game overlay (with latest follower etc).
 Cards (offline, starting, break, IRL, ending), with dynamic aspects.
HTML/CSS Animated Alerts (subscriber, donation, follower, host, cheer etc), with Muxy.
 Twitch panels (with custom iconography).
 Social media banners (Twitter, YouTube, Twitch etc).
 It’s possible to create videos and frame-by-frame animations but keep in mind that these will ramp up the investment extremely fast.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times – Bruce Lee

Not ready to commit? Read my blog at  for articles about how to grow your Twitch channel to how to get the most out of your voice.

What other people do:










My solution:



Ready to EVOLVE with dynamic Twitch overlays?

Dynamic Twitch Overlays

Taking your channel to the next level isn’t always the last stop, sometimes you want to evolve.

LiveSpace now can offer some dynamic, and animated, Twitch overlays aspects that don’t demand Photoshop to update. These are custom coded to fit your Twitch branding. I also offer animated Twitch alerts that are custom animated, designed and coded. These are all included in the standard projects that I work on.

We can provide three different tiers of dynamic overlays. From the standard LiveSpace things to completely custom built. There’s an opportunity to get something built for you no matter what size. This is isn’t the future of overlays it’s the present and it’s available for anyone. For larger projects these things get outsourced so keep that in mind.

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