7 years Twitch experience packed into a website, your website

I’ve been in and around Twitch for over 7 years now. Started in helping streamers with their graphics, evolved it into being one of THE go to branding experts and now I’m taking that same knowledge and ideas and transforming it into something new and exciting.

Modern design, with focus on UI/UX, for a modern brand

That’s the moto of the new journey you’re about to be apart of. And for the past year I’ve been looking at Twitch streamers websites and websites in general and see things I wish I could unsee. That changes now. This is the next evolution for Twitch streamers.¬†Ready? Then let’s go!

Twitch website

Building Twitch websites with you, your audience and your brand in mind. Creating sites that allow you to grow and reach the right audience or connect with brands.

Content strategy

Getting going with strengthening the building blocks of your brand. Figure out where to start and where to go. This is not coaching for growth this is only from a branding perspective.

Branding school

Coming soon. Free course that you can take at anytime and allows you to create the fundamental building blocks of your Twitch brand.

What’s the difference between; for a brand or viewers?

For your brand?

For your viewers?

Follow the process

The first thing we do is to take a look at you as a streamer, your brand and your audience. If you have none we figure that out that together.

Here we are about you and your viewers. We don’t care about if or if not you become a client. Instead if we during this process see that this might not be for you yet we instead try to find the best possible direction.

This is all about communication. Dosen’t matter if you are trying to communicate with viewers or brands that you want to work with. It all falls on communication. That’s also the keys to getting things started and what the aim of this first conversation is all about.

Once there’s an understanding of who you are and who you want to reach that’s when it all starts to come together.

The importance is to get the ideas down as concepts and wireframes. It might look and sound boring but this is one of the most important steps. It gives you an idea over how the page can flow, both in terms of UI and UX. A lot of research goes into this part of the processes to really have a solid understanding of how interaction between you and the site but more importantly how the user interacts with the site. We also want to assure that the user is pushed or encouraged to do a certain thing

Once there’s a wireframe done with a few concepts it’s time to present those ideas and solutions to you. We once again have a talk to assure that we’re on the right direction to get it right. While things can change we want to have you along the ride as to not make you feel as if you’re not part of the process.

Once we’ve talked about the previous wireframes it’s time to give it style. From using images, colors and typography we start to create a preview design of the possible design.

During our earlier conversations we decided what type of content would be possible to add to the site. If you have none we either figure out a solution, buy stock images, or help you create content that can be used. To take it further it’s also possible to have text content created for you that will push for higher search engine rankings.

However in the design presentation you get to see how the site might come to look. It’s important to know that it might also align 1:1, but the goal is of course to get it as close as possible or even find new and better solutions as we set out to get it right.

Once the design is approved by you the next step is to start setting up the site. If you already have a host and a domain with nothing on it we can use that as staging platform. However if you don’t or already have a running website it’s better to set it up on a staging server. That means that once parts of the site is done you can actually start to interact with it. See all the animations and how the interaction would work once it’s done.

To make sure that everything works as intended your server needs to have support for PHP 7.2 and the latest version of WordPress. Some hosting allows for cPanel and some don’t, it something that has to be investigated before we go to the next step in putting the site online.

Once it’s all ready to go there’s a few different paths to take depending on what you have today. You might want to stick with what you have now (then support will be limited since it means working with an unknown setup and server) or you might want to move domain, email and hosting to somewhere else.

No matter where it goes the next step is to make sure that search engines can see it, or in some cases can’t see it. Assure that forms work and all of the functions work as intended. Everything from installing SSL, 301 redirection, Google Analytics, firewall software and more.

This dosen’t mean that we’re done and are going to leave you alone to defend yourself. We then go on to the next step and that’s support. There will always be limited support but if you don’t have the time to update or learn the ins and outs of the backend then there’s also an added support feature with updates and maintenance.

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