Twitch Branding

Professional with a clear message

1. Contact form

The contact form is seven questions long and that helps both me and you to see into your head. I often hear that I was able to read my clients minds, well a lot of that comes from that contact form and the following steps. It’s not only important to me but to you as well to get what you need down on “paper”. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about certain things since that’s always something we can figure out together.

2. E-mail exchange

After I’ve read your e-mail, watched one or two of your VOD’s I respond back to you. This might take some time but I don’t want to rush into something that you’re going to live with for, hopefully, a long time. I want to make sure that we’re a good fit as well. This might take up two 2-3 business days.

In the first couple of emails we together establish the direction, style and scope of the project. When all of that is done and we both feel as if we’re a good fit I send you the investment quote. If that investment quote is something you can work with we move on the the next step.

Daniel Weijden

Daniel Weijden

Art Director

This is me, Daniel, I've been working around Twitch for over 4 years. Before that I've worked in graphic design for over 12 years. I'm the one you're going to communicate with.

3. Direct communication

If possible we have a discussion over Discord or Skype, either text or audio works. If none of that is possible due to technique issues or conflicting schedules we can use e-mail exchanges.

The importance of this conversation is to for me to ask further questions about the project and get to know you and your community. The better I can read you, the better outcome of the project and the faster it will go. This will serve as the basis of the moodboard that will be created for you and at that point we will once again have a audio/text meeting where we talk about said moodboard.

These are the most common requests that I get in my inbox:

  • Avatar, mascot, logo, illustration (full body is possible but a larger investment)
  • In-game overlay (with latest follower etc)
  • Cards (offline, starting, break, IRL, ending), with dynamic aspects and/or CSS animations
  • HTML/CSS Animated Alerts (subscriber, donation, follower, host, raid, cheer etc)
  • Twitch panels (with custom iconography)
  • Twitch sub page banner
  • Social media banners (Twitter, YouTube, etc)

4. Moodboard

While audio and text are great, do you know what’s better? Images! A picture is worth a thousands words. I put together inspiration images from our first interview/talk and compile it all into one image. We then have our second interview/talk where we focus only on the moodboard (and if there’s any more questions). It’s not all about style but also about the feel, mood, story and experience that you feel when you see it.

When we agree on a solid look and a handful of images or all images are selects. These images is what I’m going to use for inspiration when I create all of your Twitch branding from avatars, panels, cards and in-game overlay to the overall feel.

It’s important that you’re open and not afraid to speak your mind. If something dosen’t feel right or out of place this is the moment when you need to say so. There’s no right or wrong answers or feelings when it comes to the moodboard. It’s supposed to convey the mood of your entire branding so make sure it feels like it’s you.

5. First payment

This is the common way to split up the payment but it can vary depending on the contract agreement. It’s possible to pay through PayPal or Stripe, and you’ll get an invoice with all the information needed. This is for both of your safety and proves that a transaction have taken place related to the project. There’s no shady “send as family member”.

If we’re using PayPal it’s possible to setup a payment plan. Meaning that half of the invoice can be paid at first and the second half on delivery. It’s also possible to do a custom payment plan that works for you. That way there’s only one invoice that covers all payments in their own time.

LiveSpace is a registered business in Sweden and we follow tax laws in both Sweden and the EU. That means there’s different VAT depending on what EU country you’re in.

6. Sketch & Illustration

If you’ve ordered a avatar or logo this is the very first step that we take towards getting your Twitch branding ready for you. The avatar and logo often sets both the style and feel for the entire project and are often highlighted throughout the entire project so getting it done first have been proven over and over again. If you select to not include an avatar illustration or logo the starting fee is transferred over into anything else you might want.

You’ll get a first sketch, based on what we discussed and the moodboard, that you’re allowed to discuss in detail with me. When we agree on a final sketch I move onto actually creating it in Adobe Illustrator (that allows for you to be able to order it for print for high quality print).

After it’s been completed in Adobe Illustrator you get a preview over what it might look in the real world. After you’ve approved the design we move to the next step.

7. Preview

After the avatar is done I move onto creating a few of the assets. These are often the offline screen, a few panels and a starting screen. These tend to best depict what everything will look like with both style, iconography, typography, usage of avatar/logo/illustration and more.

You get a preview of this, the same way you got the avatar/illustration/logo, that you can look over and check if we’re still on the same path.

If we’re not on the same path we need to have another talk about it in detail to see what’s right and what’s wrong and how we can fix it.

8. Second preview

We’re reaching the end of the process when we get to the second preview. The second preview is for all of the created content from alerts, icons, illustrations, cards and all the way down to social media. This step is to give you the whole picture of the project and what it will look like for those that are visiting your channel, be it the first time and hundred time.

This is a professional service that works for and with you to get the best possible Twitch branding for you. There’s no watermarks that makes you feel like a possible criminal but instead you’ll get mock-up images so you can see, feel and experience what the end product will be like.

9. Final payment

When the second preview is accepted and everything is ready to go I package it all up into separate folders. This is you can easily locate each piece instead of trying to figure out the naming structure.  This also means that it’s time for the final half of the payment. You’ll get a new invoice sent your way, in some cases you’ll get specifications for each thing that involves the project. If you used PayPal planned payment method you simply pay the second half of the first invoice.

When this payment is done, and when I get the notification on my end, you’ll get a link to the package file on a server that you can reach.

10. Final package

When that payment is made you get the packaged file that’s hosted on a cloud server for up to 10 days. After that I put it on a SSD backup drive in case there’s ever any need to do any future changes.

When you’ve received the package everything is setup so you can start using everything for the get go. If you need any help with setting up the alerts or help figuring out what text goes where I’ll be there along the way. Just because the final transaction is done dosen’t mean you’re not still my client and I care for each client the same way, be it a non-partnered streamer or a partnered streamer you’ll get the same treatment.