Visual Presentation

Impact. That’s the word of the day. With bold colors, typography and a clear UI/UX this is the goal of a streamer website for brands.

This type of site is not designed for your viewers. There’s no need to show your livestream or your latest updates. This is all about showing your brand, the benefits of working with you and for brands to see that you would mesh with their brand.

This type of page is not for the public. It’s for you to show brands. See it as your digital business card or your digital marketing deck.

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Introduction of your brand

While we grab the attention at the start of the page we then need to highlight what you brand actually is. That is YOU, you are your brand and that brand is the focal point here.

We don’t need a fancy video. We still need to grab attention and to show a more in-depth explanation of you and your brand.

Of course we don’t need to go too deep. If they want that in-depth look we direct them to learn more an a page that’s dedicated to you and only you.

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Let others speak for you

Still no video? We have more important things to get to first. And that’s your viewers. What do they say about you? How strong is their buying force? What do they like about you?

If I, as a brand, know that I can reach people that will interact and engage with you, and my brand, I’ll take that over a random large number where there’s only a random chance of ROI.

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Show your work with brands

Besides what your viewers think of you it’s also important to show who you’ve worked with in the past and what the results from that were.

Think of this as your portfolio or CV. This is information that shows your personality and how well you can work with both small and big brand names.

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Display your social impact

Finally we have some videos! That’s right. But imagine them seeing some random video of you screaming at your fans (even if it’s your highest rated video) it’s not going to have an impact unless there’s context there.

These are also not “Clip” or just your most viewed clips. These are highlights from your Twitch stream, curated to showcase engagement, viewership, interaction and your community.

For this to make the most impact we first need to have all of the above context.

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Let them reach you

Finally we want them to reach you. This right here is a very standard contact form. It gives little insight into what they want but it’sa quick and easy way for them to be able to contact you.

…if you want to see what the possibilities are then you should check out my contact form. It’s 3 stages with over nine questions. Don’t believe me? Check it out here:

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