Give them what they want

This is all about owning the experince now and for the future. Building your brand and business based on another brand and business is risky. You never know what decsion might end up making your Twitch channel change forever or what decsion might alter the way your income works.

So instead of being reliant on Twitch we want to make your brand something that will stand now and beyond Twitch. No matter if or if not Twitch is around it’s all about the power of your brand.

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Let them know what’s coming

This is all about extending your brand and giving viewers the full experience of what your brand is all about. Take it beyond the normal events calendar on

Make it your own and own your own brand, for now and the future.

Push notifications? They already have that on! They do but again we’re all about owning the experience. So send a push notification for a sale in your store or a special event notice on an already on-going stream. Own the experience.

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Give them your social

Sometimes all you want is for new and old viewers to be able to get the full scope of what you do on social media. Give them a chance to see how you are there and make it easy for them to decide if they want to follow you beyond

Why not highlight a # that your viewers can use to push a question or idea. Let your personality gain traction on social media by pushing interaction and engagement. Give your viewers a chance to be part of your brand. Highlight them and you.

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Let them shop til’ they drop

The store as almost become an essential for streamers of all sizes. This is not here to replace a Teespring, Merch by Amazon, The Yetee etc. but rather a way to highlight the latest or the best selling.

Why not integrate it with your push notifications? Give your viewers a chance to get a discount if they have push notifications turned on?

There’s almost too many ideas and options for your and your merchandising of your Twitch brand.

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Highlight you and them

Key things that you can do on a website instead of on is that you can highlight more than yourself. For instance here are clips, they could be just title and viewership BUT it could also show the submitter name larger and allow for even more engagment.

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Gear and Amazon links

Finally we also have your gear and for the curious ones to be able to use referal links to Amazon. A great way to show your viewers what gear you use and at the same time get some kickback if they decided to buy with your referral link.

…if you like links you should check out the link that goes to my contact form. I mean what do you really have to lose?

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