• Twitch API integrating
  • Dynamic box-art and game name
  • Transparent background
  • CLR Browser support
  • Custom schedule editor

A great way to showcase the game when you’re away

A simple, yet effective project, that allows for the Twitch streamer to showcase what game is currently being played, both in text and in image form. It also allows for the game to still be shown through the overlay so the visual always changed depending on the game. This is all handled through the Twitch API.

It will also display a schedule and social media links. The schedule information is pulled in from a custom editor that allows the Twitch streamer to easily edit and change the order. There’s no need to open or use Photoshop to do any edits.

All of it can be run from any home computer, that means you can bring it with out on a USB-stick to events, meet-ups, sponsored events etc. without having to worry about not being able to connect to a hosted solution. All the Twitch streamer has to do is run in through any browser plugin to get it working.