Art Director

With over 10 years experience outside of Twitch (in both print and digital graphic design) and over 5 years experience of working with both partnered and non-partnered Twitch streamers.

“I take pride in every client that I work with to not only make their vision but to bring what they are thinking, but can’t always put to word, come alive.”



Skilled modern designer with a professional portfolio with projects from both companies and Twitch streamers.

Want to join the team?

Are you proficient in modern designs? Do you have Twitch branding experience? Do you want to step your game up to the next level? Want to make this into a living? Then this position is for you.

About LiveSpace

For the past years I’ve been building up LiveSpace to be a premium destination for both Partnered, Affiliated and passionate streamers. I’ve built it to be a service that speaks the same language as streamers. Allowing it to be a service that stands for personal experience, customer service and understanding streamers.

It has become enough to support me full-time. Since my schedule is constantly filled up I wanted to allow more people to try and make this a living. My hope is the person reading this is that person. And that this person one day run their own projects with LiveSpace with designers under them.

The Position

You will be a partner that can set your own hours. Work with as many clients as you can handle every month. You will be able to work with Twitch clients of all sizes depending on what your skill level is.

You will get to work with streamers that are serious and dedicated to their craft. This allows you to make work that you can be proud about. We take pride in the work that we do and that we understand the client from first contact.

Additionally you can see this is a great work experience as you get to work with larger projects with a lot of creative control. At the end of the day I want you to be proud of the work that you do.

The Offer

  • Get access to my large clientele and network. I get about 20-30 serious requests every month. While that don’t sound like a lot all of those are almost guaranteed large clients.
  • Highest ranking SEO for “Twitch Branding”.
  • You will get the support from me through your projects.
  • You will get marketing (this site has 56.000 viewers every month).
  • Access to all present and future apps that I’ve built. I will still fund and develop more.
  • Get support in making HTML/CSS/JavaScript alerts and overlay/cards.

The Terms

This is not an employment so you are going have to be able to receive (from me) and send invoices (to clients). You will still work as a freelancer.

You will have to give up a small percentage per client. This is something that we will negotiate independently based on your skill sets and workload.

If you think you have enough skill to join the team don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop me a direct email at jobs(at)livespace.se

Remember to provide a link to your portfolio!